Modio 5.3 device utilizes capacity gadget or sticky drive to get to the Xbox records in the pc. It improves the experience of changing the Xbox 360 diversions on your pc. Modio has an intriguing element that enables the client to get to the recreations on the world’s online database, from which one can pick their top choices and download the diversions. Once the amusements are downloaded all you require is to store them in a capacity gadget and add to your reassure, inside couple of snaps you will have the diversion on your pc.

How to see xbox records on pc utilizing modio 5.3?

Introductory necessities:

PC and Xbox 360.

USB drive

Modio 5.3 device

On the off chance that you have every one of these necessities we would now be able to begin the means underneath

At first embed the USB link to the Xbox 360.

Arrangement: You will want to design by setting off to the dashboard. When you tap on the dashboard, discover framework settings and tap on it, you should additionally tap on memory where you can see your USB drive. Open the USB drive and select “Design gadget” alternative.

Note: If your USB drive isn’t showing up in the memory alternative, at that point the USB isn’t bolstered to Xbox.

Mod the most loved diversions to USB drive.

Method: open the dashboard, tap on settings choice, at that point you will discover the USB drive inside the memory choice. When you open the USB drive the recreations and applications would show up. Presently tap on the most loved amusement which you might want to mod to USB drive. Tap on the diversion and Use the move alternative in the information board to mod it to USB.

Discharge the USB drive from Xbox and connect it to your PC.

On the off chance that you have just downloaded the modio 5.3 apparatus, you can utilize it. On the off chance that you have not then you ought to download the modio Modio 5.3 instrument.

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Download Link:

Since you Modio have modio 5.3 tap on the investigate the gadgets, at that point record, go to the open drive choice and open drive and scan for the gamesave in the envelopes.

A portion of the gamesaves(gpd’s) requires only supplanting with the modded one however in different cases the modded spare and the first diversion ought to be opened at once in resigner and you have to swap the id’s to the modded spare.

System: supplant the old gamesave with the new modded gamesave and abandon it. On the off chance that you are required to swap the id’s at that point open the ordinary spare in the resigner and duplicate glue the userd id from the typical spare to the modded go over and leave it.

Presently you can erase the old spare and utilize the new modded spare.

Attachment out the USB from the PC and re-embed to the Xbox

Presently boot the Xbox and move the modded spare to the Xbox hard drive.

That is all the procedure is finished and now you can appreciate the modded spare.