“Nothing comes with a guarantee”, this is a valid statement. Though most of the products, especially consumer durables come with stipulated guarantee and warranty, it does not eliminate the chances of them getting damaged or not working properly.

And therefore, it is necessary to use them wisely as well as take proper care of them to avoid any damage as well as to get the desired results. But, owing to our busy schedules, we tend to forget about the regular maintenance of our appliances.

Water purifier is now very common appliance and hence can be seen at every place you go. But, if it does not work well, the sole purpose with which it is bought i.e. drinking clean and pure water is not fulfilled. And so, getting an annual maintenance contract for the water purifier is an easy way of ensuring its regular maintenance and hassle-free repair.

This is a contract for one year with the water purifier repair and maintenance service providers, under which they come to our help as and tan vu phat when required.

For some, it may appear as unnecessary expenditure, but let me tell you that there are numerous benefits of getting an annual maintenance contract for your water purifier. You can have a look at them below:

Maintain efficiency: Home appliances are prone to reduced efficiency if not maintained well. Therefore, even if your water purifier is not having any major issues, getting it checked and cleaned will keep the performance of the same uniform.

Save electricity: In today’s time, where saving the environment is the biggest concern we are facing, it is essential to keep our appliances in a good condition so that they don’t consume more power. And to keep them in a good condition, it is necessary to maintain them.

Knowledgeable and experienced: Instead of getting our water purifier repaired by someone who may not have enough experience of doing the same, it is better to have it repaired and maintained regularly by a person who has technical know-how of the task and is well experienced.

Quick service: As I had mentioned above, it is difficult for us to take out time for such matters. Therefore, annual maintenance contract for water purifier is like a boon as we can call the water purifier repair service providers whenever we need to repair it due to any damage or irregular functioning.

The contract charges are inclusive of all the costs: Whenever our water purifier gets damaged, stops working or does not work as expected, the service providers with which we have contract makes necessary repairs and replacement of parts. So, even if it is a replacement of a small part or some major change or repair, which can have a high cost, no extra charges are levied from us. Therefore, it is economically beneficial for the customers.

Refund: Some service providers also refund the contract fees if water purifier has any complex problem, which they cannot take care of.

Life expectancy of the purifier: With the regular maintenance and cleaning, the water purifier stays in a good working condition for a longer duration of time, thereby saving you from the expense of buying a new one.

Bonus on renewal: After a year, when the contract expires, some of the water purifier repair service providers offer attractive bonus on renewing it for the coming year.

This article explains the advantages of Annual Maintenance Contract for the water purifier at your home or office.