Your certificate will be an original certificate with your information registered on the database system and will be verified online at You will be able to use the certificate to seek for admission into universities that require these certificate and also you can use the certificate to apply for visas as well. It will take 8-16 days for the certificate to be done and you shall receive all the legal documentation that attest your eligibility. We can also send a copy directly to any institute with British council as expenditure, Because many schools will require that result come directly from British council. Your IELTS certificate will have the required score you want and we will require you to specify by sections the scores you want to acquire. We have affiliations with the British Council officials World Wide, we work with the British council directly and have access to the database system. The idea was to help English learners acquire the certificate faster and more easy from the comfort of their home, as many could speak but could not write. And some could write and could not read. So we make the certificate possible for you even if you can do just one. Either speaking or writing or reading. After receiving all your information, our assistant shall contact our connects from the correct British Council office in your area, so they go step by step with the program. Hence, your certificate will entail your; Photo, name, D.O.B, signature etc… after which it shall be registered on the international IELTS database system and these shall enable you to use the certificate with safety and without any problem with the administrative authorities that will come across it. We encourage our Asian learners, Middle East Learners, European learners to take these program as they shall benefit from more faster and reliable service. The certificate will be done within 6-12 days and you shall receive attestations that approve your eligibility, so feel safe contacting us for the production of your English Learner certificate, either IELTS.Buy IELTS certificate online without exam,Buy IELTS certificate online without exam real registered Passport