Electronics amplifier is the electronic device used in many types of equipment like in the television set, radio, musical instrument, computers and many other electronic digital devices. They increase the power of the output signal in correspondence to an input signal; in other words, it amplifies the signal. It can also be used for modulating the output of the power supply. The electronics amplifier is mainly composed of vacuum tubes or transistors. However, today the transistors are embedded in a small chip called the integrated circuit which is then used in the electronics amplifier. Moreover, the electronics amplifier use speaker to produce sound.
Working Of The Electronics Amplifier:

All the electronic sound devices work in a same manner. There are three main steps of generating sound. Firstly, in the electronics amplifier, the microphone diaphragm is displaced by the sound waves. The microphone converts the movement of the diaphragm into the electrical signal. The compressions and rarefactions are formed by the changes in the electrical signal. The signal is recorded as a pattern in any sort of medium. Then, the recorder translates the pattern into an electrical signal which uses the electricity to relocates the speaker cone side by side. The resulting variation in the air pressure will be recorded by the microphone.
Electronics Amplifier Can Be Classified As:

Electronics amplifier can be classified in various ways and they are the bandwidths which can be narrow or wide, frequency range (e.g. audio or radio frequency) or output factor like voltage or power. In a frequency modulated system, the wide band radio frequency amplifiers are required. For the sound broadcasting, a radio frequency bandwidth of 10 kilohertz is needed in the amplitude modulated signals. In a high quality frequency modulated audio, a bandwidth of 100kilohertz is needed.
Applications Of The Electronics Amplifier:

The electronics amplifier is widely used in various different types of equipment. Electronics amplifier finds its use in the radio, television transmitters and receivers, high-fidelity (hi-fi) stereo equipment, microcomputers etc and many other electronic devices. Furthermore, the electronics amplifier is also employed in the musical instruments that are used to increase the amplitude of the sound like in guitar, electric keyboards, and electric bass. Electronic equipment called dimmer, uses electronics amplifier to control the intensity of the stage lights. Moreover, the hearing aid device also uses the electronics amplifier to enhance the amplitude of the sound for the deaf

Electronics Amplifier

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