minecraft games onlineHow To Fix PS3 Red Blinking Light – The Top Five Fixes

If you are suffering from the red light of death and even correct it fast there are lots of more in the same boat. Thousands of gamers annually become victims in the PS3 red light of death, and if you’re reading this article then I assume you’ve just joined them. Don’t throw your console away as of this time though or rush on the store to get a new one as we might be able to bring your console back from the dead with one of these five simple fixes. 1. Ventilation – If the console is having difficulty getting air in and out of it this will cause overheating which will result within the rlod. So examine your console vents ensure they’re not blocked track of dust or some different if you find wash it using a dry cloth immediately and turn into alert to this case within the future. 2. Remove the Power Cable – Yes you heard that right that old faithful method that fixes anything else today. Turn rid of it, wait for about 50 % of an hour, and turn it on again. This has been proven to use different PS3 problems. However if no you’ll must try something different. 3. Remove Hard Drive – Not as complicated mainly because it sounds as there are several tutorials just for this online. Take it out wait a couple of minutes and change it, this will solve your red light problems. If this doesn’t this can signify you may have a problem with your mother board. 4. Do You Have a Valid Warranty? – If so you are able to send the console returning to Sony for them to repair it in your case. This however can take about 6 weeks and then chances are you is not going to receive your console back but a refurbished one instead. Also the tough drive gets wiped as part from the process so you will miss your saved games, trophies and downloads. If your console is not under warranty you are able to still send it well to get repaired, but expect a bill inside region of $200 to allow them to repair it. Chances are you may have the red light of death again shortly to. 5. Search Online – Check the internet to see the way the other thousands like you and me fix our consoles. I personally used helpful information which are less costly than $40 and was compiled by professional console repairman Rob Sheffield. Containing easy to understand step by step instructions and videos I found it easy to solve my console in only under one hour. The money I saved went towards a couple of new Minecraft Games to.