gerard pique jerseyWhen the winter trip, I went to Guilin. Guilin is actually lakes and mountains, attractive and extremely Andres Iniesta Jersey wonderful. The first “Guilin landscape Jia Tianxia” is accurate. >

Guilin stated the most attractive landscapes in the Lijiang River, my grandmother grandmother and grandmother with a boat experience the Lijiang River. The working day the sky floating drizzle, the river fog close to, a seat in diverse styles, tall majestic peaks in the misty rain looming, and some as vivid jade shoots, and some like a vivid bat, and some like a roaring tiger, Some like the Mercedes-Benz horse … …, and some like a blossoming smaller lotus. In some cases the mountains will shed the waterfall, waterfall, colored flowers, beautiful and wonderful. Lijiang River drinking water genuinely environmentally friendly ah, Lijiang River seriously clear ah, like a piece of emerald. The crystal crystal clear river has fresh fish and compact crabs, the Marc-Andre Ter Stegen Jersey style is incredibly stunning.

Misty rain Lijiang River is the most one of a kind landscape of the Lijiang River in 4 seasons, we are catching up, we are definitely fortunate! From Guilin to Yangshuo, misty rain in the Lijiang River is like a beautiful ink landscape painting, Barry Lijiang, Barry Gallery, intoxicated! I can not aid but admire:Rain excursions Lijiang River, drinking water very long mountain tall. Hundreds of large horses, hundred miles of ink portray.Lijiang seriously beautiful! I like the Lijiang River, specially like the misty rain in the Lijiang River blurred!