The problem with dogs is that they are not able to tell their owners what they are feeling so people have to watch their dogs carefully to know if they have pain or other discomfort because dogs just like people can have arthritis or hip dysplasia that is a sort of abnormal formation of the hip joint. The first one is noticed when dogs get older, but the second one can be developed at a younger age. The characteristic of both diseases is stiffness in the joints, inflammation and pain.You can reduce the pain by buying an orthopedic dog bed. Here you will find some tips what type of bed and why is good for your pet.

People in the past did not care much for their pet dogs which is different nowadays. Now people accept their dogs as a part of the family and look after their needs very carefully. Dogs need different food when they get older and they also need different bed, too. The first signs of arthritis or hip displasia are when we notice that our dog walks slower or walk much smaller walks , if he never starts to run anymore or Super hundeseng tilbud leap as quickly as he use to even for a treat . Together with all these , you will notice that your dog doesn’t lay as comfortably anymore as he did before.

Types of beds

You will find so many different shapes and sizes dog beds available. Most orthopedic dog beds are made from high quality materials like memory foam, some have electric heater systems to give dogs a soothing warmth against joint pains.

There are different shapes for dog beds like:

Cuddler dog beds , excellent for dogs who like to curl up . They are also knows as nest beds because their walls and little legs prevent draft in colder climates

The most common available dog beds are mattress or pillow dog beds but there is a great difference in quality. The best form is rectangular in shape, its size should be slightly bigger then the diagonal of the dog when he lays down. Choose very high quality material like memory foam or a mixture of different materials.The underground of the bed should be firm and shock absorbing , cedar is a good solution for example. The top should be made from a thick layer of orthopedic or memory foam. The material of the bed which you should choose needs to have a long lasting crush resistance.

You can use an electrical blanket especially designed to be put on the dog mattress if your dog gets cold quickly.

You can buy an orthopedic dog bed in a lot of places nowadays but the best place is online because web shops usually have all sizes of the bed of your choice which is very important because there is much difference in dogs size.

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