Due to the severe weather, families and agencies have demand for continuous air conditioning. As well as other refrigeration equipment, in order to ensure smooth operation, stability, cleaning and maintenance are indispensable.
If you can self-maintain air conditioning at home, you will save a certain amount of money. Here are the basic steps you can take before you do:
1. Turn off the power
To ensure safety, electrical shock prevention, fire due to leakage during operation, you should disconnect the switch, disconnect the aptomat before starting maintenance work.
2. Cleaning the indoor unit
The indoor unit is located in the room, but also accumulates a lot of dirt after long time operation.
First you find the pin to remove the mask cold. You then remove the filter plate that is pulled down. To clean the filter, rinse it directly under the tap, dry it (not exposed to sunlight) before re-inserting it.
The indoor cooler also has a lot of dirt when it comes to air circulation plus wet environment so it is very easy to mold, so long it can cause bad smell, bad for health when used.
How to clean the indoor unit is to use the pressure hose, spray slowly from top to bottom until no more deposits. If you use a detergent, you must select a special type to avoid damaging the device.
Pay attention to measures to keep the area clean when cleaning the indoor unit.
3. Cleaning the outdoor unit
In order to stay outdoors, the outdoor unit will accumulate a lot of dirt, and when unprotected maintenance can cause a fan, the unit will be ineffective.
For cleaning, you need to use a high pressure spray cleaner thoroughly.
At the same time, during maintenance you should check the gas also? If gas is exhausted, call for professional technicians to replenish it, avoiding the machine will continue to run and will not be able to cool well.
4. Test drive after maintenance
Once you have completed the maintenance work, you let the air conditioning work again. Listen to hear the machine operating noise, noise abnormal? has a strange smell? Does the machine cool down quickly? have you watery?
If you do not want to spend a lot of time, peace of mind with regular air-conditioning maintenance, or mua diều hòa cũ an phúc when you detect other unusual signs, do not hesitate and call us. With a staff of highly professional, full professional equipment, prestige, quality as the first criterion we provide maintenance services air conditioning repair home 24/24 to ensure Fast, clean, best service, most competitive price.