The New Avatar of Nintendo Wii Console

Nintendo, the direct successor of Wii consoled a potential home gaming referred to as Nintendo Wii U. It has a six inches wide screen that resembles a tablet, in fact it’s really a dummy display or controller. The information is send and received by it that gets streamed to or from the console itself which often process your data and dual video data.This Wii U could be the sixth home console of Nintendo, and it could be the first one to make 1080p high-definition graphics which includes new controller with embedded touchscreen. With the help in the controller a new player can continue the gaming session, even though the telly is off. There are certain stuff that you must know about this system this way device is backward compatible with Wii as well as the Wii U games. These games are again works with Wii peripherals like Wii Remote and Wii Balance Board. They are not in any way works with Nintendo Game Cube media.After encountering some problems, such as the general public indisputable fact that the bingo continues to be made for the “casual” audience; with the Wii, thinking about console was first conceptualized in 2008. In order to draw the interest of the “core” gamers back Nintendo has created the Wii U.Due to the internal debates in the catering company this idea to the new console was stopped and started plenty of times. On the Wii there’s a blue light and also this will be the inspiration from the touchscreen embedded in the controller for indicating new messages. Miyamoto and his awesome team was the individual that desired to will include a small touchscreen technology for offering the game feedback and status message to the player. Later it had been expanded with a full screen that can capable of display the whole Friv 1 game. This was the theory suggested earlier however, not viable financially in the project.At first it had been believed that the modern console that is the Wii’s successor is an enhanced version that can be named “Wii HD”. According to many journalists plus a Blu-ray Disc drive the high-definition video output will be built-in this 2011. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata afterwards asserted as outlined by him there’s no meaning to include HD into the Wii this also add-on will be better well suited for a later version.A rumor was spread that in April, 2011 Nintendo will unveil the successor of Wii in the E3 2011 with the name Project Cafe which will allow you to action in HD Resolution and is particularly works with wii software. A new controller with built-in high res screen may be present within the console, this is a rumor.In 25th April, 2011 Nintendo officially announced a statement which a system would succeed the Wii. A model edition of Wii U was demonstrated in the E3 2011. This new controller includes built-in microphone, speaker, camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, and rumble along with 6 inches wide touchscreen display. The scheduled launch time for Nintendo Wii U is sometime around 2012.