Trash and old indoor playground equipment items to be replaced by new playground items.

Just-Jump-Panama-City-FLCan car tires be recycled?
no They are ground up and reused as playground mulch

share: What material is used in the product that chad foster developed for playground?
recycled tire rubber

share: What can recycled car tires be made into?
Tires that are recycled can be made into Rubber Mulch! website creates rubber mulch which can be used for landscaping and to make your playground safe, it’s an environment friendly product recycled from 100% scrap tires.

share: Where do you recycle worn-out shoes?
Worn out shoes can be recycled by giving them to Reuse-A-Shoe. They collect worn out athletic shoes and salvages materials to make Nike Grind. They are recycled into sports and playground surfaces.

share: What can tires be recycled for?
Tires can be recycled for many things. Just to name a few some can be turned into a playground substance. Another way is to turn it into mulch. They are routinely used for door mats, new tires & shoes.

share: What thing can be recycled?
There are a great number of things in the world that can e recycled. Paper for example is often recycled.

share: What things cannot be recycled?
coal burning of petrol are such thing that cannot be recycled??

share: What is a good name for a playground?
you could name a playground after some one or you could name it after some thing in the area (i.e. rosebud park, Margret E. White playground) . Hope this helps!!

share: Is playground a noun?
Yes! As a general rule of thumb, nouns are persons, places, things, or ideas. A playground is definitely in the place or thing category.

share: What can recycled materials be used for?
.making recycled clothes .waste can be recycled for electricity .recycle old unwanted things then they can be changed into new products by melting the old thing down

share: Is a playground a person place or thing?
The noun playground is a singular, common, concrete, compound noun; an outdoor area provided for children to play, word for a thing; a piece of land used for games and recreation, a word for a place.

share: Name one good green thing?
One good green thing may be a recycled bag that has been made of only recycled materials. another green thing may be a car that runs on hydrogen and so the only waste product would be water.

share: Why each material is recycled?
Not everything is recycled. Only materials such as paper, milk cartons , card boards etc. They are recycled for re use. Example. Milk cartons get recycled so that they can be made again as milk cartons or any other new thing. It is like a cycle.

share: What is one thing France is doing to help the environment?
they recycled bottlesType your answer here…

share: Is there such thing as recycled car parts?
yes there actually is. scientist prove that it is true.

share: What is the swirly things on the playground called?
If you are talking about the swirly pole thing, they are called corkscrew climbers.

share: Is there such thing as recyclable plastic bags?
yes all plastic bags can be recycled Actually the so called “green” plastic bags designed to decompose cannot be recycled. Even one mixed in with a batch of ordinary bags being recycled can ruin it all.

share: What fun thing at a playground uses the simple machine a screw?
A “spiral” slide. (Which is really a helical slide . . .)

share: How is energy transformed durning the period of a swing in a system such as a playground swing?
i thing that the energy cannot change

share: What are three thing that are recycled in the environment but not energy?
Here are three: Plastic Glass Metal

share: What is made out of recycled materials?
Every thing around you ! the very screen you are looking at is recycled if not by man by nature. remember nature wastes NOTHING every thing decomposes over long periods of time and becomes part of earth (not to sound like a hippie but its just science)

share: What do factories make out of recycled soup cans?
Any sort of recycled cans can be made into anything from other cans to parts for the Space Shuttle. That’s the good thing about recycling, you never know.

share: What do they make out of the used paper?
One very smart thing they make out of recycled paper is pencils.

share: How can you make things out of recycled things?
yes you can such as you can make a plant watering thing out of laundry detergent

share: Who are the playground kidders?
The Playground Kidders are the playground kidders

share: Why does the water cycle not have a beginning or an end?
water keeps on getting recycled back into the biosphere. but nutrients, for example, are just a one-way-flow thing. they cant be recycled or reused. hope this helps 😀 No

share: What can these items be recycled into?
i don’t really know but u know it can be recycled to many things like coins, plastic chairs and thing like that or something that is used into something unused like used paper into unused paper…

share: What type of paint should you use on playground equipment?
maybe yellow , red and blue’s primary colours are good for that sort of thing 🙂

share: Which is correct- Mel and I at the playground or Mel and me at the playground?
Either can be correct, depending on its use in a sentence: “Mel and I are at the playground” or “She found Mel and me at the playground.”

share: Monkey lost on the playground on barbie pet rescue?
If you want to get the monkey from the playground on Barbie Pet Rescue, take Sage (the dog) to the far right side of the playground (red ladder type thing) and click on him to make him sit. Then go left (Sage will stay where he is), and climb up the playground. Then go right again (now that you’re up on the playground) towards where the monkey is. Click on the monkey, and then click… Read More

share: A playground is 90 meters long it is 75 meters wide what is the perimeter of the playground?
Assuming the playground is a perfect rectangle, the perimeter of the playground will be 330 meters.

share: How do you do you get the capsule out of the ground on Poptropica?
go to the top of the playground and play hangman.get the crackers and lay one where the girls were standing.he will dig up the thing.

share: What does Disney World do with all their trash?
The same thing everyone else does with theirs. What can gets recycled & the rest goes to landfills.

share: How do you use playground in a sentence?
The children ran to the playground after school. The city built a new playground for the children.

share: Is playground countable or uncountable noun?
The noun playground is a countable noun. Singular: playground Plural: playgrounds

share: What part of speech is playground?
playground is a noun

share: How much can be recycled?
most can be recycled most can be recycled

share: How do you beat must escape the playground?
the lunch code is a circle then star then triangle after you get the pink pstion put it were the sand castle is and unlock other thing

share: Is it kids’ playground or kid’s playground?
It would be a kids’ playground. There will be more than one kid on the playground, so there are kids. Then to make that plural, you would have to ad only an apostrophe and not apostrophe then an “s”. Where as if there were only one kid on the playground then it would be a kid’s playground, because there would only be one object there. Hope this helped.

share: What do you make out of plants?
You can make lots of recycled things out of plants. One thing is a ketchup bottle, you can make almost anything out of plants.

share: How long is a playground?
It depends what playground it is; they can be various sizes.

share: What is the smell of playground?
The smell of the playground is boys sweating

share: Is playground a preposition?
No, it is not a preposition. The word playground is a noun.

share: How many centimeters is a playground?
A playground has no fixed size

share: What is the length of a playground?
There is not a standard length measurement for a school playground. The size depends on the space available that can be allocated to a playground in the planning stage.

share: Can you install a playground on unlevel ground?
Yes. An adventure playground.

share: Which is known as Playground of Europe?
Switzerland is known as the “Playground of Europe”.

share: When was Marshmellow Playground created?
Marshmellow Playground was created in 2010.

share: Is playground one word?
Yes. Playground is one word.

share: When was Playground for Life created?
Playground for Life was created in 2008.

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