MSC-MeravigliaYou dream about a playground because you want a playground to be build so talk to your local council and see but remember we are in a recession.

What does it mean when you dream about kids?
The question is far to broad to suggest any interpretation. A dream about kids on a playground would be very different from a dream of kids on a boat, or at a party, and so forth. Very generally, the kids could symbolize the dreamer’s own childhood.

share: Can you suggest a toy company name?
The Playground

share: What does a dream mean if you dream that you and a guy are the only ones on a playground You were the one swinging and the guy was on the other side of the playground watching you?
you have to analyze everything you remember from the dream..what was the weather like, what did you see or sense, how did his staring make you feel? The swing suggests you were having fun or creating your own happiness and the playground suggests aspects of childhood memories and playfullness. This dream suggests a playful flirtation rather than a serious relationship. The dreamer is keeping her distance to avoid involvement.

share: What actors and actresses appeared in Ice Cream Dream – 2003?
The cast of Ice Cream Dream – 2003 includes: Lauren Archer as Leaflet Girl Georgia Clemson as Child In The Playground Sam Cofman as Child Buying Ice Cream Molly Cofman as Child In The Playground Harpeet Garcha as Child In The Playground Kulvinder Ghir as Dad Sharon Harbour as Mom Alina Iqbal as Child Buying Ice Cream Aoife Kelly as Child In The Playground Vladimir Kordan as Rude Boy Beth Leighton as Child In The… Read More

share: What does a playroom symbolize in a dream?
To dream that you are on a playground, indicates your desires to escape from your daily responsibilities. Consider also objects in the playground as expressing or your need to express some aspect of yourself. Perhaps you need to be more carefree or have some fun getting to know some of your talents and abilities that you have long ignored or disregarded.

share: What does it mean if you dream about children?
The question is too vague for a meaningful interpretation. The meaning of the dream would be very different depending on who the children are, where they are, what they are doing or what is being done to them. For example, a dream of happy children on a playground is very different from a dream of crying children in the rain.

share: What does it mean when you dream of a little boy?
Generally speaking, the little boy in the dream represents yourself: your actual past, your childhood, or your innocent, curious and vulnerable Inner Child. Beyond that, there are far too many variables to suggest any interpretation. For example, dreaming of a happy little boy on a playground would mean something very different from a sick little boy in bed or a little boy flying through space.

share: indoor jungle gym What it mean to have a dream many of times?
There is not enough specific information about the dream itself to suggest any meaningful interpretation.

share: What does Mr Tuck dream and what does the dream suggest about the attitude towards Mr Tuck’s life?
Mr Tuck’s dream was that he wanted to die, and the suggest towards his life was that he wanted to probably go back and not drink that special water cuz he wanted to die and goto heaven and see what there is to see

share: What does it means if you see a ring in your dream?
There are far too many types of “ring” to suggest a specific interpretation without further information. For example, a wedding right might suggest a wish-fulfillment dream about a committed relationship, while a boxing ring could suggest feelings of anger or competitiveness.

share: What does it mean if you dream about something you don’t know about?
It is not possible to suggest a meaning without some sort of information about the content of the dream itself.

share: What does it mean if you have a dream about your boyfriends ex?
It might suggest that you are either jealous or insecure.

share: Who are the playground kidders?
The Playground Kidders are the playground kidders

share: Your husband had a dream and you were being robbed and the robber had a knife your husband stabbed the robber to protect his wife?
The dream is about the person having the dream. This dream suggest that the dreamer feels protective and wants to protect loved ones. There is nothing in this dream that predicts any future events.

share: What does it mean to dream that lamp started to catch on fire in a house?
This dream seems to suggest that information you are studying or working on could cause you unexpected trouble.

share: What does it mean if you dream that you were running in puddles of water?
Running in puddles is a favorite childhood activity. So this dream suggest innocent pleasure in simple things.

share: What does it mean to dream of red feathers?
Without further information about this specific dream, it is only possible to suggest that red feathers might represent celebration and happiness.

share: What does it mean to dream with your own blood in a bag?
In this dream, the blood could represent your health. Carrying the blood in the bag might suggest that you are taking chances with your health.

share: What does it mean if you dream about your crush and his wife?
It is impossible to suggest a reliable interpretation without actual information about the dream. Generally speaking, the dream might emphasize the fact that the “crush” is not available to the dreamer and that she needs to move on with her life.

share: What does it mean if you dream about heroin?
There are too many possibilities to suggest a meaningful interpretation. A dream of using heroin would be very different from a dream of buying or selling heroin or of watching someone else using heroin.

share: What does it mean when you dream about being a dancer at a night club?
If your feelings in the dream were happy and it was a fun dream, it means that you have a healthy desire to be admired and that you would like others to admire your beauty. On the other hand, if the dream was scary and upsetting it could suggest unhappiness about your appearance.

share: What it means when you see the sky in your dream?
There is no single symbolic meaning to seeing the sky in your dream. Different views of the sky can suggest entirely different things: blue skies mean happiness, cloudy skies may mean grief, stormy skies suggest anxiety and fear.

share: Which is correct- Mel and I at the playground or Mel and me at the playground?
Either can be correct, depending on its use in a sentence: “Mel and I are at the playground” or “She found Mel and me at the playground.”

share: What does it mean when i dream my ex boyfriend’s baby clothes being wet?
This dream could suggest that there is something in the ex boyfriend’s past that needs “washed” or “cleaned up.”

share: What does it mean if you dream the same thing 1 time every year?
Without knowing anything about the dream or the time of year it occurs, it is impossible to suggest any meaning.

share: What does it mean to dream of a robbery?
The dream probably means that you feel as if something has been taken from you unjustly, and is an expression of your distress. Alternatively, if you felt guilty during the dream, that would suggest that you realize that you have taken something that does not rightly belong to you.

share: What does it mean if you dream that you have bird legs?
This might suggest that you are frustrated because you can’t seem to get anywhere.

share: A playground is 90 meters long it is 75 meters wide what is the perimeter of the playground?
Assuming the playground is a perfect rectangle, the perimeter of the playground will be 330 meters.

share: What does a dream about a frog symbolize?
To see a frog in your dream, represents a potential to change or to do the unexpected. The frog may be a prince in disguise. Alternatively, the frog may suggest uncleanness. To see frogs leaping in your dream, may indicate your lack of commitment. You have the tendency to jump from one thing to another. Alternatively, it may suggest that you are taking major steps toward some goal. To dream that you are catching a… Read More

share: If you’re emotionally affected from a dream so much that it lingers with you for a while does that mean the dream is reflecting your deepest desires?
Lingering emotional affects from a dream suggest the dream expresses one’s deep emotions, but not necessarily one’s desires. The dream images might express one’s fears, wounds, anger or affection.

share: What can be a recycled thing in a playground?
Trash and old playground items to be replaced by new playground items.

share: What does it mean when someone tells you someone died in your dream?
It is impossible to suggest a meaningful interpretation of this dream without more information about the dream itself. In general, in dreams, death is a metaphor for change. See the attached link for further information.

share: What is the meaning of centepid in my dream?
Dreams communicate with metaphors. In this dream the centipede represents a problem or troubling situation. The many “feet” of the centipede suggest a problem with many parts or elements to it.

share: What does it mean to dream being late to work?
The dream suggests that the dreamer has anxiety about reaching goals, pleasing superiors and performing well. And it does suggest a chronic concern about being late.

share: What does it mean when you dream of leg stumps?
The dream suggests that you feel “cut off short”. It could also suggest that you feel incomplete, or that you feel unequipped to deal with your present situation.

share: What does turning off lights in your dream mean?
The lights in your dream probably symbolize information: en”light”enment. Turning off lights suggest limiting your sources of information.

share: What does it mean when you dream about an arcade?
The arcade in your dream is a metaphor representing something happening in your life right now. It might suggest that you are “playing games” or refusing to be serious about yourself or your relationships.

share: What does water means in a dream?
“Water” has far too many symbolic associations to suggest any meaning apart from other symbols in the dream. For example, a sparkling fountain might mean refreshment, a calm pool might represent peace, while a flood would suggest an overwhelming problem.

share: Is playground countable or uncountable noun?
The noun playground is a countable noun. Singular: playground Plural: playgrounds

share: How do you use playground in a sentence?
The children ran to the playground after school. The city built a new playground for the children.

share: What does it mean when you dream about an egg?
The question does not provide enough information to suggest a meaningful response. For example, dreaming of laying an egg would be different from a dream about scrambled eggs, while a dream of a colorful Easter egg would be still different.

share: What part of speech is playground?
playground is a noun

share: What does your dream mean if you dream of your deceased father and there is water?
It is not possible to suggest a meaningful interpretation without knowing more specifics about this dream. The meaning depends on what your father is doing or where he is in the dream and what sort of “water” is involved. For instance, a glass of water in your father’s hand would give the dream a very different meaning from a dream of him standing beside a lake, river or ocean. The emotions you feel in the… Read More

share: What is the significance of vertigo in a dream?
Experiencing vertigo in a dream can be an expression of a physical condition; if you actually feel ill in your sleep, the symptoms can be experienced as dreams. Symbolically, vertigo in a dream would suggest that your life has lost balance and you need calm stillness in your life.

share: Is it kids’ playground or kid’s playground?
It would be a kids’ playground. There will be more than one kid on the playground, so there are kids. Then to make that plural, you would have to ad only an apostrophe and not apostrophe then an “s”. Where as if there were only one kid on the playground then it would be a kid’s playground, because there would only be one object there. Hope this helped.

share: How long is a playground?
It depends what playground it is; they can be various sizes.

share: How many centimeters is a playground?
A playground has no fixed size

share: What is the smell of playground?
The smell of the playground is boys sweating

share: Is playground a preposition?
No, it is not a preposition. The word playground is a noun.

share: What does it mean to dream of a frog eating a bird?
This suggest a reversal of the natural order. The dream suggests a vulnerable, weak individual wins a conflict against a much larger, more powerful enemy.

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