Nintendo DSI Was the New Improved Model of Nintendo DSL

The full name “Nintendo iQue DSi handheld game console” was officially on sale in December 2009, the shortened form is NDSi, it was utilized to Nintendo DS/DSL the only domestic agents of Nintendo, What is the surprisethe of iQue DSi bringing to us ? Yes, all Chinese interface, and iQue DSi, iQue DSi interesting tone ,iQue DSi storeinteresting photos that are exclusive new features of DSi. These are the extra features which iQue is ready to accept iQue DS Lite , meanwhile indicate a special open another new feature on the December 3.Nintendo NDSi would be a kind of new improved label of Nintendo DS Lite, the improved model NDSi was starting in Japan on November 1, 2008, the cost is 18,900 Minecraft Games yen. Relative towards the NDSL,NDSi appeared these changes:1.CPU frequency doubled to 133MHz, memory expansion to 16MB;2. put in a 30-megapixel camera on the microphone along with the right corner on the front;3. push around the power switches of NDSL turned into push-button ,and it had been moved to the left in the next screen;4.volume control buttons became push-button, placed about the left side from the host;5. new SD card slot, put in the correct side from the host,next the stylus;6. the original light from the two becomes three, moved to the left side in the shaft, followed by: wifi switch, charge indicator switch and power switch;7.weighed against NDSL ,the cap of more keys L, R key were reduced to 1 / 2;8.adjustable screen brightness is five, from low to high order: the lowest brightness, low brightness, the brightness, high brightness, maximum brightness.9. Cancel the gba slot legacy of NDSL;10. The host screen size was increased 17% 11NDSi : Width: 137.0mm X Length: 74.9mm X thickness: 18.9mm (stylus: about 92mm)Certainly,the opposite Nintendo Dsi Accessories are almost a similar towards the NDSL.